How have house prices changed during lockdown

He is a bit of a summary of how things have gone:

Headline Statistics.

Average price of a property in the UK was


Annual price change for the UK was


The monthly price change for a property in the UK was


This is the general increase over the year:


As you can see, since November been pretty positive, and the average only really held back by Northern Ireland. And it has all been pretty positive.

Will house prices maintain this growth?

Well its impossible to tell, I imagine they will show in June to have continued to rise because of the Tax break ending. But after June it may plateau or drop slightly. We are really only making predictions.

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There was a couple of other things to note. May saw a sharp rise in volume of sales. Midlands only really saw a 0.0 to 0.4 increase whereas the North, South West and Scotland saw the biggest rise in the month.

Still it is all positive signs for homeowners. It might even be worth getting your house valued :).